What Can Paula Offer You?

“As spiritual leaders in our churches and our community, our thinking and our actions
have a powerful impact. Not only do we have the unique job of teaching people
spiritual principles, we also are examples of those principles at work.
What we do and how we do it becomes our primary avenue for touching others.”
– Rev. Suzan Bailey


Spiritual Leadership Training

People often ask me what the expected outcomes are for their organization after experiencing our Spiritual Leadership Training. Here are just a few. These are ACTUAL results that organizations have experienced:

  • An organization that had depleted $30,000 in savings and taken on $8,000 in debt was completely debt-free AND had $20,000 in savings in mere months.
  • A group that had moved to a larger church became fearful about the pace of its growth. We helped them create a more positive, profitable environment, increased membership by nearly 25% in one month, and supercharged their 40 days of Thanksgiving program.
  • Attendance at one organization doubled, and tithes and offerings rose 70% during the year following their experiencing my groundbreaking Spiritual Leadership Training.
  • An organization experienced a swift, effortless and joyful resolution to a previously on-going leadership conflict.
  • An organization eliminated board contention and began manifesting unexpected gifts of all kinds simply by implementing and holding the consciousness taught in Ryan’s Seven Spiritual Rules of Order

Explore a new way of communication that puts Universal principles at the forefront of everything you do, say and think. Through loving attention to these Spiritual Rules of Order, you can raise the prosperity consciousness of your organization to the highest level imaginable. Dissolve resistance and embrace peace of mind, joy, clarity and lovingkindness so you achieve more, with greater harmony, in less time.

Most helpful for: Churches in transition (growing into a new space, experiencing a change in income or membership), changes in ministerial leadership, new in-coming board members, creation of visioning teams, prosperity teams, experiencing high staff turnover, those looking to increase the prosperity consciousness of their organization.

  • 45-minute in-person or telephone coaching sessions for each minister, board member, and support staff member (usually held Thursday and Friday prior to the leadership training)
  • Day-long Abundance Leadership Training* (usually held Saturday for board and ministerial staff) 10am-4pm
  • OPTIONAL Sunday sermon: The Truth About Giving and Receiving (recommended)
  • OPTIONAL Sunday afternoon workshop: 21 Days to a More Abundant Life(recommended)Cost: An agreement to pay a fee equal to10% of whatever is received by the organization during the four weeks following the in-service training, plus payment of expenses upfront. Expenses include: standard airfare from Raleigh, NC or Orlando, FL; housing accommodations (hotel or congregation-provided housing), mid-size rental car or other transportation arrangements, board (four day food stipend of $30 a day or meals provided). The fee payable on large, non-liquid gifts (such as stocks, real estate and/or life estates) can be paid on a
    convenient annuitized payment schedule, to be determined jointly by the church and Pellingham Casper Communications.Optional Sunday sermon is offered at each organization’s usual rate. Optional Sunday workshop is offered at a suggested donation of $40 (NO ONE IS TURNED AWAY FROM ANY WORKSHOP FOR INABILITY TO PAY). Paula Langguth Ryan agrees to donate 20% of the proceeds from the workshop and 10% of the proceeds of product sales back to the host organization.


Interested in having Paula come to conduct a one day Compassionate Mediator’s Spiritual Leadership Training for your board, minister and leaders? (Trainings are held on either Friday or Saturday, depending on your Sabbath.)

We make creating peace and prosperity affordable. Payments are based on your organization’s revenues following the training.

Consciousness/Capital Raising Program


Spiritual Rules Booster Shots

Organizations that have completed the Spiritual Leadership Program can work through situations that arise in the course of conducting your spiritual business, through the convenience of modern technology: a group teleconference!

  • Transform specific situations that are causing roadblocks or stalemates at your board meetings
  • Diffuse tensions and meet each other in the field of all possibilities
  • Move away from our positions of right and wrong, good or bad, abundance and lack
  • Create what we want to see in the world and in our spiritual homes

We provide your organization with a trained spiritual mediator who can guide you through conflicts:

  • Spiritual leader/ministerial salary negotiations
  • Conflict between congregants
  • Conflict between spiritual leader/minister and board or congregation
  • Growing pains
  • Embezzlement and other financially charged issues
  • Transition when spiritual leader/minister leaves or retires

Most of us learned different scarcity models about money while growing up. As a result, we – and our spiritual organizations – suffer needlessly when it comes to financial issues. Come join us for this intensive, leadership seminar, where you will:

  • Discover how to help your congregation overcome their fears about giving and their fears about receiving.
  • Help your members take control of their debts, incorporate prosperity principles into their everyday activities and embrace abundance in all areas of their lives.
  • Empower your members to joyfully–rather than fearfully–put God first in all things, including their finances.
  • Increase the morale, financial outlook and income at your ministry, thereby increasing your ministry’s ability to grow and serve others.

The message Paula shares will help your members heal their relationships with money so you can create the spiritual community you richly deserve and desire. Keep your organization’s prosperity consciousness on track with a quarterly “Spiritual Rules Booster Shot.” Invest 3 hours a quarter to keep you on track as you hold the prosperity consciousness for your organization. Work through situations that arise in the course of conducting your spiritual business with a group teleconference or in-person session. (May also be provided as, or supplemented by, a monthly 1-hour booster shot teleconference.) Cost varies depending on type of booster shot required, as follows:

  • Quarterly booster shot: three weeks’ tithes (10% of all abundance received in the three weeks following the booster shot).
  • Monthly booster shot: a one week tithe (10% of all abundance received in the week following the booster shot).
  • In person quarterly booster shot (includes an hour individual session for each member of the ministerial team): four weeks’ tithes plus expenses (10% of all abundance received in the four weeks following the booster shot).
  • Individual coaching sessions: $150/session (sessions last 45-50 minutes and include unlimited e-mail support.

Most Often Requested Sermons

(Cost: standard fee for sermon at your church.)

Expanding Your Container: Ready to be, do and have more? Discover what holds you back, and how to overcome those obstacles once and for all. Have more than you believe you can have.

The Truth About Giving and Receiving: Most people believe giving and receiving are opposite sites of the same coin or continuum. Not so, says Paula Langguth Ryan, in this exciting lecture that demonstrates the true, empowering nature of giving and receiving in ways you’ve never known before. Not to be missed!

Spark Your Imagination: Make your ideas manifest by learning how to do as Jesus commanded: become like little children. Discover how God used the power of imagination — and harness that same power in your own life, today.

Why Not Now? Explore the truth about our attachment to postponing our own good. Includes an actual live demonstration where an entire audience steps up to hold the prosperity consciousness for those who are caught up in their fears.

Rise Up and Be Healed: Discover how to harness Jesus’ healing powers for yourself and everyone else.

The Courage to Change: Discover how to overcome the fears that keep us from embracing our divine inheritance.

Reversing Financial Adversity: Discover how to uncover the good in every event. Put a stop to the energy drains that are keeping you stuck in your current consciousness of lack, in any area of your life, but especially financially.

Most Popular Workshops

(Cost: 80/20 split; we also donate 10% of sales back to church.)

Break the Debt Cycle – For Good!: You CAN Manifest a Debt-Free and Prosperous Life! Overcome the fears that keep you trapped in debt. Discover what’s TRULY keeping you in debt – and how to overcome those obstacles and become debt-free for good!

21 Days to a More Abundant Life: Would you like to have greater abundance in all areas of your life? Abundance isn’t just about money. It’s about having increased health, peace of mind, wisdom, love and joy in our relationships. It’s about tapping into the flow of giving and receiving without shame, guilt or fear. Abundance is about knowing, truly knowing, that you have enough, are enough, and do enough, right now. In this course, you will gain the following benefits:

  • Reprogram the “money messages” you learned as a child.
  • Break free from the beliefs in lack and limitation that hold you back from your true potential.
  • Create your own subconscious messages of abundance.
  • Uncover your true wants and desires and make them materialize effortlessly.
  • Increase your income, peace of mind, wisdom, opportunities and health and much, much, more by creating an environment that draws greater good to you.
  • Shift your inner voice from messages of lack to messages of abundance.

Open yourself up to unconditionally receive all the gifts others have for you. (Can you tell this is my favorite workshop to conduct?)


Why Not NOW? The Secrets to Getting the Goals You Set. Uncover your heart’s deepest desires — what you’ve been longing to be, do or have – during this 3-hour intensive workshop. Discover how to overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from obtaining your goals. Venture into the world of instant manifestation, where you never have to be careful of what you wish for. When you leave this workshop, you’ll have set a concrete intention to draw EXACTLY what you truly desire (even if right now you don’t have a clue what you really want!)

Heal Your Relationship With Money: Develop a healthier relationship with money. Enjoy increased prosperity in all areas of your life. Transform your world into a world of abundance. Tap into the root cause of your financial dissatisfaction. This innovative workshop is based on Paula Langguth Ryan’s Seven Commitments for Healing Your Relationship With Money.

Tithe the Way Jesus Tithed: Discover seven ways to tithe – only one of which has anything to do with money! Does the topic of tithing scrape open old wounds about money? Are you an avid tither who is still waiting for the doors to your divine inheritance to open wide? Is tithing something you don’t feel you can afford to do right now? Or do you fall somewhere in between – wanting to tithe, but afraid of what might happen? Come join Contemporary Prosperity Advisor Paula Langguth Ryan in an intimate conversation about the art of tithing and discover how to tithe the way Jesus tithed, once and for all!

Treasure Mapping/VisionBoard Playshop: A guided meditation taps your true desires, then you create a visual tool for everything you desire to manifest this year! We provide the posterboard, the glue sticks, scissors and workbook. You provide your imagination and magazines you’d like to use to cut out pictures. Tap into the true essence of what you want to be, do and experience!

Cultivating Truly Authentic Relationships: How to create a world where you and others feel safe, loved, nurtured, supported and empowered. We’ll identify the core beliefs that are being activated in all your different relationships and create specific tools and strategies that you can use for each. Imagine how joyful you and others will be once you do!

Vibrational Language of Prosperity: Your words are the most powerful tools you have available to destroy or create what you want. Align your thought and words with what you desire to create. Release resistance to learning the language of abundance and success. Awaken your awareness to the language you unconsciously and consciously use. Make a powerful transition to bring your life purpose and heart’s desire into a much stronger physical manifestation.

Supercharged Intentions: The WAY you set your intentions can mean the difference between ho-hum results that bring you “sort of” what you want and super results that bring you EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted — with NO negative consequences or sacrifices. Design your OWN super-charged intention for something you want to be, do or have in the next 30 days. Big or small, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is it’s something you desire — and that you’re willing to let go of your fears of not having it the way you want it!

Right and Perfect Job for You: Revitalize (or manifest) more fulfilling work, effortlessly draw to you an appreciative, supportive and financially successful employer, boost your desirability, enjoy increased compensation, joy and mutual respect…and create everything else you desire in a job.

Right and Perfect Clients are Yours: Never, ever again have to “sell” yourself to anyone, anytime. Fully value the work you do – and have others effortless see that value. Gain perfect clarity on what you want in an ideal client. Uncover, dissolve and blast past common obstacles, objections or resentments about your perfect clients. Easily and effortlessly draw more of the right and perfect clients to you. Create an energetic force field that will have clients begging you to work with them!

Overcoming Conflict Avoidance: This workshop helps you reveal and analyze your conflict triggers, dive beneath the surface cause, and easily and effectively address conflicts that trigger your avoidance behavior pattern. You will walk away with in-depth knowledge and awareness of the visible and hidden faces of conflict avoidance, conflict triggers (yours and others’), and a personal toolbox of techniques and strategies you can use to begin to manage previously-avoided conflicts.

Consciousness-Raising Retreat or Course
(for Congregants & Leaders)

Spiritual Rules of Order: (can be done as a day-long retreat or as a 7-week course). This is the core of the Abundance Leadership Training program, minus personalized coaching sessions.

Heal Your Relationship With Money: (can be done as a 7-week course) More in-depth than the 3-hour workshop, this gives attendees a supportive environment in which to fully explore and put into action healing techniques that lead to increased abundance in all areas.

Giving Thanks: Mastering Art of Tithing: (can be done as a day-long retreat or as a 10-month course) BRAND NEW OFFERING! A ten-month graduated tithing program that serves as a wonderful alternative to the 4T Prosperity Program or Keys to the Kingdom. Helps congregants fully experience the true nature of giving and receiving, unlocks the fears that have held them back from tithing and helps them embrace tithing with joy and ease. Required reading: Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing (CM Press, 2016; available at TheArtOfTithing.com)

Why Not Now? Secrets to Getting the Goals You Set*: Once your misperceptions about old money beliefs have been fully and completely released, you’re ready to easily and effortlessly step up and start getting the goals you set for yourself. This workshop energizes and empowers and provides you with a concrete strategy to move forward toward the live you desire. Embrace Thoreau’s vision: “Go confidently in the direction of your dream! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

Free Fall Into Radical Abundance*: What would you do if you discovered that what you THINK you believe about prosperity isn’t actually what you really believe? This workshop bares you to the core in a 3-hour rapid, rollercoaster ride, delving below your surface beliefs about prosperity. Once your true beliefs are exposed, you’ll be able to release your attachments and start paying attention – really paying attention – in your life. You’ll also finally trust yourself, others, and the Universal energy. Only for those who are ready to plummet toward prosperity.


* Why Not Now? is available separate from Free Fall; however, the Free Fall Program must be taken in conjunction with Why Not Now? Free Fall is an intensive belief-busting workshop that requires the additional closure of coming back together as a group for several hours.

Cost: An agreement to tithe 10% of everything that comes into the church during the week immediately following the training, plus upfront payment of expenses. Expenses include: standard airfare from Wilmington, NC; housing accommodations (hotel or congregation- provided housing), mid-size rental car or other transportation arrangements, board (two-day food stipend of $30 a day or meals provided).

Overcoming Conflict Avoidance

This workshop helps you reveal and analyze your conflict triggers, dive beneath the surface cause, and easily and effectively address conflicts that trigger your avoidance behavior pattern. You will walk away with in-depth knowledge and awareness of the visible and hidden faces of conflict avoidance, conflict triggers (yours and others’), and a personal toolbox of techniques and strategies you can use to begin to manage previously-avoided conflicts.