Ways to Give 

Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the work I do.

It is with great gratitude that I accept your support in so many ways. Here are four ways you can support my work (if you think of other ways you would like to be supportive, please let me know!)

1. Send a tithe or offering

Your generous support of this work makes it possible for me to reach out and carry my message to people worldwide, who might otherwise stay stuck in a poverty mindset. We are grateful for all donations, of all sizes, shapes and colors. If you are moved to donate property, investments, a specific item of some sort, or live outside the United States and would like to send a tithe or offering, please e-mail me to see the best way to do so: paula@paulalangguthryan.com.

Send a Tithe or Offering Online through our secure shopping cart

Send a Tithe or Offering Through PayPal
to paula@paulalangguthryan.com

Send a Tithe or Offering Through the Mail
Paula Langguth Ryan
PO Box 7530
Denver, CO 80207

For a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation
(which goes through our non-profit, The Village Gathering)
Click the button below and tithe through Paypal to
tammie@artofabundance.com (for a tax deduction!)


2. Send us frequent flyer miles

Any miles are greatly appreciated, so if you feel compelled to tithe some of your frequent flyer miles, here is some helpful information on United, Delta, Southwest, and American Airlines to help you through the process.

3. Send an Amazon gift card

If you feel moved to give via Amazon, follow the link here, and choose which method you prefer. You can send in the mail or via email.

4. Keep me in your prayers and send healing energy

All prayers are gratefully accepted. I can feel your loving light flowing through me and helping me stay centered, empowered and energized – so I can better be of service in this world!

5. Be a shining example for others

Write a testimonial for us on the Giving Thanks book page on Facebook and on Amazon. Use the tools in Giving Thanks to change your own life and model that new way of being to everyone you meet. When they ask you WHY you’re so incredibly happy and joyful with everything going on in your life, tell them about Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, all the free resources on this website, my coaching, all the life-changing products – oh, and encourage them to subscribe to the Inner Transformation newsletter!

6. Get others involved

Encourage your local spiritual organizations and spirit-centered businesses to buy a copy of Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, create Giving Thanks Study Groups or invite me to speak.

May you ALWAYS know the ABUNDANCE that you ARE in this world. And may you ALWAYS ALLOW your LIGHT to shine!

Peace and prosperity,

Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan