Read other people’s tithing success stories and discover for yourself how useful the advice is in Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing

Karyn Langhorne, HarperCollins romance writer, says:
“Paula Langguth Ryan completely changed my life”

“I am Harvard-educated lawyer, who, for years rebelled against my training and education. I held resentments about Harvard, every past employer, hid myself away from most former classmates and the practice of law itself. I turned my back on the  profession, choosing instead a career in the arts— partly because it was a career 180 degrees in the opposite direction from law!

…In six short months, the Art of Abundance has completely changed my life. I am making a name for myself in the career of my dreams and happier and more prosperous than I have ever been in my life.”

(read more of Karyn’s story here)

Kimberle S

“I LOVE this book! Paula explains in simple, easy to understand language, what it truly means to tithe. Looking at tithing as a choice, a gift given, rather than an obligation, has had a powerful impact on the way I experience giving and receiving. It opened my mind to possibilities in all areas of my life. Many Thanks Paula!”

Victor E

from Nigeria, West Africa

“Your Embracing Abundance was fantastic. We need more such messages. God bless you real good and keep on writing on.”

Anne H

from Tennessee

“I’m continually blessed by your thoughts and prayers that manifest through your writing. Your words never fail to coincide with my needs for awareness of my prosperous state of being, despite outward appearances sometimes! I do remember to keep gratitude in my consciousness most of the time for all the blessings I have and those yet to come, and the daily tithing I do now grounds me in that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


“This book is very different than most metaphysical and new age books I have read about gratitude and prosperity/abundance. I think the reason for that is because it really has substance. It has offered me a whole new way of looking at what it is to be in gratitude and to have gratitude. It is both practical and spiritual in nature. It is the perfect balance of metaphysics and practical spirituality. I am so glad that I have this book; I think it has begun to change my life in that it has given to me a new way to be grateful in my life.
If you are trying to grasp the meaning of gratitude in your life definitely pick up this book. It will really help.”

Victoria B

from New York

“Truly kick butt! We were really into “Setting Intentions that Work.” You’ve discussed this before in the newsletter, but this was the big Aha! moment.”

Cortez H

“Great book, if anyone ones to learn how to activate The favor of God in their lives they need to learn the Art of Tithing. I have found favor with God in a lot of my College course and money has been coming my way.”

Al M

from Tennessee

“Although I have been a tither for over 25 years, this book really changed my perspective. It was a great benefit to me spiritually and professionally.”

Steve R

from New York

“Enclosed is a small token of appreciation for the inspiration and encouragement that your writing has given me. Last month was the best month financially that I’ve had for a very long time. I also feel more at peace and filled with joy.


“I really like books written by a cheerful author who is really passionate about what they are writing about. You just get cheered up even looking at one page. I began tithing after reading this book. Totally aside from any monetary reward, I would keep doing it now, just for the great feeling I get from it. I don’t waste money any more, somehow good things happen to me more and more, and bad things don’t happen nearly as often. It’s kind of like you tithe whether you want to or not. Those who don’t tithe consciously do so through bad events. Those who do tithe consciously get to choose where their glad giving will go. Many people think 1 person doesn’t make a difference. Oh no- it is always the one person who makes the difference. As one small example, I tithe to support a guy who helps folks in bad section of the city I work in. I can’t begin to tell you what a rush it gives me, to do so. There are people who tithe 90% of their income, and live joyfully on the 10%. I’m not there yet, but I have tithed my income out to August, because I didn’t want to wait. If you can’t give 10%, just give 1%. Or whatever feels comfortable. Then expand a little bit. Paula got this book translated into Spanish, for free, by an enthusiastic reader, if that says anything about how readers feel about this book. I shared this book with a number of friends. I liked it a lot. I like this book. Other people say what they say. I like reviews that mention similar books, at least books on the same path, so I do that. The Abundance Book is a similar book.  The Reality Creation Technique also works with intent.”

Amy S

from Maryland

“I received a wonderful gift of airfare for my daughter, to visit me from CA, so I am tithing to you. It was through your “holding the light” that I got the expansiveness to ask and receive. Thank you!”

Steve E

from Minnesota

“Thank you for your writing and your personal words of encouragement. I’m continuing to tithe but no longer is it with fear and trepidation. No longer is it feeling like I’m taking 10% of “my” money to give to God, but like I’m giving back what is God’s. I’m not out of the woods yet, but at least now I can see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. A lot more work is coming in and I feel much more joyful as well.”

Michael F

from Australia

“Paula Langguth Ryan’s wonderful little book Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing tells, in simple, engaging ways, how giving a tenth of everything you receive to somewhere or someone that brings you spiritual joy will result in wonderful blessings beyond measure. The key is the attitude of heart with which you give — it should not be done out of obligation, but rather from a genuine sense of thankfulness. I have begun putting this into practice, and the blessings I have already received are immense. Please read this book with an open heart, and be blessed as I have been.”

Alice B

from Pennsylvania

“If you’re like many people, the concept of tithing brings up negative emotions. Maybe you live in constant fear of not having enough, or you were brought up in a religious environment that made demands on you to tithe, whether you wanted to or not. Giving Thanks provides fresh insights, and encourages an open mind as it explains all the reasons why you need to look past your limited thinking, and just do it.
If you’re feeling that your prosperity is limited, you probably aren’t tithing. As the author explains, in order to receive the good that wants to come to you, you first need to give thanks for all the good you already have – and you need to do this through your tithes.
Although the 10% tithe is recommended, Ryan encourages us to test the waters with a smaller tithe, working up to the full 10% as soon as possible. From her experience, most people will be tithing in full within months of beginning the experiment, once they see the results.
This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, where you give solely in order to get. Instead it’s a sound practice of blessing the good you’ve received, and giving back a portion in order to receive more blessing. This sets in motion a cycle of good that keeps on giving.
If you’re ready to experience more good in every area of your life, you first need to start tithing. Giving Thanks will show you how. I highly recommend you pick up a copy and put these principles to work for yourself.”

Jane F

from Massachusetts

“I was introduced to the idea of tithing in 1990 by a Catholic friend and again in 1994 by a Jewish friend. Although, at the time, I was not active in any religious tradition, I really began to see the value of supporting people and organizations that did good in the world. Then, I read Paula Ryan’s book and, for the first time, really understood the relationship between abundance and giving to people and groups that truly feed my spirit. Now I really think about who feeds my spirit and am much more thoughtful about my gifts.
Even if the word “tithing” makes you cringe, jump in and read this book. It is filled with Paula’s own stories and stories of those she has helped with her prosperity coaching. It is not at all preachy and it is really fun to read.”

Susan P

from Maryland

“Thank you so much for holding the high watch for all of us on prosperity issues and generally for our highest good. I almost got to the point of wanting to give up on tithing this fall. I felt I was back in the same rut. I did not feel like it was working for me. But as I made my commitment to continue, I received another huge gift to help me support my son in college. And recently I received another gift from a totally different channel. So I am sending you this tithe in appreciation of you enduring guidance for all who have been learning the meaning of prosperity through your newsletters and workshops.”

Laura L

from California

“I needed this book for a class that I’m taking. It has been a wonderful experience to read a chapter a week and think about the lessons then applying the lessons. It is tremendously freeing to get that the Universe is in full support of each of us and it is okay to give and receive. I’ve enjoyed the giving away of things that I no longer need.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore their unconscious beliefs about money and to consciously choose how they wish to handle the money that comes and goes in their life.”

Janet A

“This book is very well written and well explained. Thanks for writing this book. I will recommend it to my friends and family members.”

Shirley F

from Missouri

“Thank you for your raspberry story. For about 17 years, we lived in poverty and I wondered why, after I had given so much, we still lacked. I liked your placing giving in a larger context of other abundance activities. But what really helped me was your encouragement to start where you can in joy and good faith. I have begun to give as I feel I can give freely and have experienced some new sources of income. As I grow, I know the issue of tithing, which has been fraught with so much negativity for me, will no longer be a mental burden and that I will see what I need to do.”

Deborah F

“This book gives you a deeper understanding of what it means to tithe. Although the “doubting Thomas” part of me arises when I read some of the tithing stories, I fully grasped and accepted the importance of the spiritual lessons she teaches; to give freely and cheerfully in thoughts words and actions, to always see the good in ALL things. After reading this I will commit to tithe my full 10 % and “look with expectancy” for my abundance!”

30 Days Tithing Creates Gain of Nearly $15,000!

“Dear Paula,

Since I’ve started tithing 10%, my life keeps getting better:

1. My job I’m leaving in a week is waiving the 3% commission to sell my house (save ~$10,000)
2. My new job is giving me an employee discount for my mortgage and I haven’t even started yet! (save ~$1,500) …”

(read more of Sandy’s story here)


from Nebraska

“Thank you, Paula for bringing a “today” approach to an ancient spiritual tradition. I have encouraged all my ministerial friends and congregants to have this on their “must read” list.”


“This book really helped me get into the “flow” of giving and receiving. I always thought tithing was just for the church but I now see it can happen in any form.

D. W.

from Colorado

“Many of the books I have read talk about tithing but not to the depth that Paula Ryan does. This book was easy to read and offered simple definitions and gave many examples of different kinds of opportunities to tithe. Knowing basically what tithing is, this book opened my eyes and soul to how much more it is and how wonderful it can be. Giving Thanks The Art of Tithing is just what the title says- giving thanks for all that we have and having faith that we will have even more to be thankful for. Thank You Paula for making these concepts so easy to embrace!”

Jane V

from Arizona

Tithing has again become so much fun and pleasure. And it keeps me focused on the abundance and prosperity — not on the lack!”

Yvonne F

from Missouri

“I’ve already begun healing my relationship with money. I’m taking steps to move on from my current job which I’ve been hanging on to out of fear. I see now I’ve been using credit cards as my security blanket and how I’ve been creating financial chaos in my life because I’m so unhappy with my job. As my very first step in healing my relationship with money, I’m tithing. I’ve tried it before but it hasn’t worked for me. After reading your words, I understand why. I tithed because of what I expected to get back from it, not just to give. I was still rooted in scarcity thinking.”

Patrick N

Greatest book ever written on tithing.”

Adam Y

from Ohio

“I used to have a real problem with the idea that in order to receive more, we needed to give more. I have made a lot of progress. And it looks like my income (in all ways) is getting ready to make a serious upturn. I wanted to write you now, before that happens, to thank you for the real benefit I receive by reading your words. I no longer feel large pangs of guilt when I spend money. I’m actually more careful now than I was before, about where I spend my money. Now I proactively bless my bills and seek causes that I want to support, where before I avoided my finances by “throwing money at it.” I grew up in a family that abused money in a constant oscillation between rags and riches, so this is a big deal for me. Your writing has empowered me to drop some of my old baggage, take a fresh look at my life, and pursue the depth of truth in “believing is seeing!”

Donna V

“It contains truth and wisdom and is so beautifully written. It was a pleasure to read and digest. It is a wonderful way of looking at life and seeing through different eyes.”

Gloria G

from Illinois

“I happened to be listening to the radio when the segment about you was aired. What you were saying intrigued me. I went to your website and enjoyed it thoroughly. Then I clicked on where you talked about the 90-day tithing plan. That was my lesson!! Due to procrastination, I have carried 3 weeks of tithing around in my purse. Today I am distributing those funds to various sources that have touched my soul. Needless to say, yours is one of them!”

Karyn L

from Maryland

“I am making a name for myself in the career of my dreams and am happier and more prosperous than I have ever been in my life. I will never stop practicing these prosperity principles since, this is only the beginning.”

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