Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing, 10th Anniversary edition 

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Foreword by Rev. Catherine Ponder, author of Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

By Paula Langguth Ryan 176 pp., digital ISBN: 978-1-889605-29-8


CHAPTER ONE: In the Beginning
What Exactly Is a Tithe?
Misconceptions About Tithing
The Truth About Tithing
The Natural Benefits of Tithing

CHAPTER TWO: Tapping Into the Spiritual Flow
Meeting Your Every Need
The True, Divine Model of Supply and Demand

CHAPTER THREE: Is It Possible More Good Exists For You?
Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
How Does Tithing Work?
Where Should You Tithe?
The Mechanics of Tithing
What’s Stopping You From Tithing?
What “Can’t Afford” and “Costs Too Much” Really Mean

CHAPTER FOUR: Becoming One With Life’s Prosperous Flow
A Multitude of Blessings
Freeing Up Your Trapped Prosperity
Letting Go of Your Guilt Gifts
Practicing the Art of Unconditional Releasing

CHAPTER FIVE: Practicing Acts of Courage
Embracing Impermanence
Projecting an Aura of Abundance

CHAPTER SIX: Discovering Your Intentions
Aligning Your Actions With Your Intentions
Releasing Control
Finding the Freedom in Forgiveness

CHAPTER SEVEN: The Etiquette of Tithing
Staying in the Constant Flow
The Art of Receiving
Setting Your Intentions

CHAPTER EIGHT: Expanding Your View of Prosperity
Honor Yourself Enough to Stay the Course
Measuring Your Success
Don’t Forget to Breathe!


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