How would you feel if ALL the following statements
were true about YOUR organization?

(the following statements are ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS received from organizations)


1. Our energy is focused on discovering & obtaining true desires, not on JUST finding ways to raise money.

2. Unexpected gifts, miracles and contributions abound.


4. Our focus is always on our true desires – we avoid reacting to appearances.

5. Our team is fully focused on how our organization can be of service and help others to succeed.

6. Our leadership team no longer has an attachment to the outcome of events – we automatically see good in everything.

7. Our organization grows steadily and solidly, easily and effortlessly:

*We receive larger amounts per person and more people give abundantly.
*Attendance at events and services is increased.
*Greater personal growth is achieved for all.

Here’s what Paula can offer you:

  • Spiritual Leadership Training
  • Consciousness/Capital Raising Program
  • Spiritual Rules Booster Shots
  • Sermons/Lectures
  • Prosperity Workshops
  • Consciousness-Raising Retreats and Courses


“I am once again at Unity of the Cumberlands in Cookeville, TN, enjoying it now more than ever. You were among the first to inspire a giving campaign that resulted in our securing our current church building. You worked with the Board members specifically, as well as with the general congregation, to bring our giving habits in line with our growing need for a building of our own. Since then we have come to know you as an innovator capable of bringing prosperity promises to life. God bless you and your important work.”
– Rev. Jervais Phillips

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Here are a few of the incredible results organizations have seen after inviting Paula Langguth Ryan to speak:

  • An organization that had depleted $30,000 in savings and amassed $8,000 in debt completely got out of debt and saved $20,000.
  • A group that had moved to a larger church became fearful about the pace of its growth. Ryan helped them create a more positive, profitable environment, increased membership by nearly 25% in one month, and supercharged their 40 days of Thanksgiving program.
  • An organization eliminated board contention and began manifesting unexpected gifts of all kinds simply by implementing and holding the consciousness taught in Ryan’s Seven Spiritual Rules of Order.
  • Attendance at one organization doubled and tithes and offerings rose 70% within a year after Paula conducted her groundbreaking Abundance-Oriented Spiritual Leadership Training.
  • An organization experienced a swift, effortlessly and joyful resolution to a previously on-going leadership conflict.

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