How to Tithe

Did you know there are actually SEVEN ways to tithe? And only one of them has ANYTHING to do with money!

Something exciting is happening in the world today. People are beginning to embrace the “spirit of the law” of tithing. They’re beginning to see the connection between what they give and the way they give. And they’re beginning to see financial tithing as just one of the “bountiful berries” of tithing. What keeps people from tithing? In my years as a prosperity coach and lecturer, I’ve noticed a few common threads that keep people from tithing.

  • Fear of not having enough
  • Fear of giving to the wrong places, for the wrong reasons
  • Fear of being taken advantage of
  • Fear that tithing is a fundraising scheme

These are just a few of the reasons many people don’t tithe.

Helping people overcome those fears is the cornerstone of Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing.

Whether you’ve never heard of tithing before, are a long-time tither with questions, or have a negative impression of tithing, this book contains the key that will unlock a whole new universe of abundance in your life:

  • Looking to have more open, loving relationships?
  • Want to have good things happen in your life, everyday?
  • Ready to be free from anxiety, worries and fears?
  • Seeking physical, financial, mental or spiritual healing?
  • Or are you simply looking for more peace of mind and greater clarity in your life?

No matter what you learned about tithing in the past, the question to ask yourself is this: 

Are you truly ready to have the things I’ve listed in the bullets above? Are you willing to truly ENJOY your life? Every day? Every moment of every day? If so, invest $4.99 in your future and get your copy of the e-book version of Giving Thanks.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself what others, like Dr. Joe Vitale, mega-star of The Secret and author of groundbreaking prosperity books like “The Attractor Factor” and “Zero Limits” who lifted himself out of homelessness and into the homes of millions, or HarperCollins romance writer Karyn Langhorne have to say about Giving Thanks. People are always writing Rev. Paula and telling her “your book changed my life.” You could be the next to experience that same transformation!