Paula Langguth Ryan

My name is Rev. Paula Langguth Ryan, and I’m the author of Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing. The 10th anniversary edition of the book is now available HERE, for $21.95/copy (plus s/h). (Bulk order special pricing is available!)

The first edition of this life-changing book is also available as an e-book (Kindle version, even) for just $4.99!  Plus a free download version is available in Spanish, thanks to someone who was gracious enough to translate it as a tithe to us!

Discover for yourself the power of tithing by ordering the 10th anniversary edition (complete with Book Club Study Guide) directly from this site. You can even find like-minded people in your area and create your very own 10-week study group to help you overcome any fears or resistance to tithing. Make today the day you begin to enjoy the benefits of tithing in your life.

In the study guide you’ll find two pages that you may want to print out “full size.” Both documents can be found on our Resources Page: Abundance Zapping Words and Phrases and Prosperity Tracker

To get a Spanish edition e-book, visit my Resources page.

Paula Langguth Ryan is a pioneer in the contemporary prosperity movement, and author of Bounce Back From Bankruptcy. As a spiritual conflict resolution consultant and debt negotiation specialist, she helps people and organizations bring the pieces of their lives together in peace so they can achieve their dreams. Her clients include ordinary people who became extraordinary: top-performing sales professionals, best-selling authors, Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs and internationally-acclaimed recording artists.

Paula Langguth Ryan is a Transformational Mediator, Empowerment Speaker, Life-Enriching Author, Spiritual Leader, Contemporary Prosperity Advisor and Performance Coach and She is dedicated to helping people bring the pieces of their lives together in ways that dissolve inner and outer conflicts so they can experience enhanced performance, success and abundance in all areas of their lives.

Ms. Ryan has been a guest on NPR’s WEEKEND EDITION and many other local and national radio stations, as well as numerous television shows, including PBS’ “FINANCIAL FREEDOM” and NBC’s “TODAY IN NEW YORK.” Ms. Ryan has been interviewed by or featured in a variety of print publications, ranging from Your Money to The Village Voice.