About Catherine Ponder

Catherine Ponder is considered one of America’s foremost inspirational authors. She has written more than a dozen books, which include such bestsellers as her Millionaires of the Bible series. She is a minister of the non- denominational Unity faith — long known as the “pioneer of positive thinking” — and has been described by some as “the Norman Vincent Peale among lady ministers.” She has served in Unity Churches since 1956, and heads a global ministry in Palm Desert, California.

Catherine wrote her first prosperity book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity in the early 1960’s whilst she was living in Birmingham, Alabama. Her life expanded dramatically whilst she was in the midst of finishing that book. She married and moved to the southwest, where her husband taught at the University of Texas.

Much later, after her husband’s untimely death, her life changed again. In the early 1970’s, another move took her to “the Alamo City” of Texas. There she remarried and wrote the sequel to that earlier book while living in her own first home in San Antonio. The second book was entitled Open Your Mind to Prosperity.

She has given lectures on the universal principles of prosperity in most of the major cities of America (and a lot of small ones, too): from Town Hall and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, to the Phoenix Country Club in Arizona, to the elegant Pioneer Theater Auditorium in Reno, Nevada. From Honolulu to New Orleans she has given interviews on television and radio, as well as numerous interviews by the print media.

The principles of abundance described in her books helped her to successfully serve one church in the Deep South, and to found several others from financial scratch. He present global ministry reaches into all 50 states, and 47 foreign countries. Her books are now translated abroad and she receives lecture invitations from all over the world.

Although she is no longer able to honor the many requests that are made, she continues researching and writing on the subject of abundance.

She is listed in Who’s Who and the Social Register, and has received an honorary doctorate.

*This information is from her personal website, which can be found here.

Rev. Catherine Ponder, author of 16 books on prosperity, is known as the “pioneer of positive thinking” — and “the Norman Vincent Peale among lady ministers.” (visit Rev. Ponder’s book website for affirmations and more information about this pioneer of the Prosperity Movement)

Why I wrote Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing

I wrote this book to help people just like you create exactly what you want in your life.

And then something amazing happened. Rev. Catherine Ponder, author of 16  books on prosperity and abundance, agreed to write a Foreword to the book and her enthusiasm about the importance of this book was contagious.

And then, something even MORE exciting happened! Dr. Joe Vitale, star of The Secret and other movies and author of The Attractor Factor and other megabooks like “Zero Limits” heard about the book. And he touted it as even better than his own book!