How would you feel if ALL the following statements were true about YOUR organization?

(The following statements are ACTUAL TESTIMONIALS received from organizations)

  1. Our energy is focused on discovering & obtaining true desires, not on JUST finding ways to raise money.
  2. Unexpected gifts, miracles and contributions abound.
  4. Our focus is always on our true desires – we avoid reacting to appearances.
  5. Our team is fully focused on how our organization can be of service and help others to succeed.
  6. Our leadership team no longer has an attachment to the outcome of events – we automatically see good in everything.
  7. Our organization grows steadily and solidly, easily and effortlessly:
  • We receive larger amounts per person and more people give abundantly.
  • Attendance at events and services is increased.
  • Greater personal growth is achieved for all.
Here’s what Paula can offer you:
  • Spiritual Leadership Training
  • Consciousness/Capital Raising Program
  • Spiritual Rules Booster Shots
  • Sermons/Lectures
  • Prosperity Workshops
  • Consciousness-Raising Retreats and Courses

Dear Friend,

Every now and then, I run into someone who tries to convince me that tithing doesn’t work. They may believe the tithe is a scam to prosper spiritual leaders, and doesn’t prosper the person who tithes. Or they may have given 10% of their income away for years and found their life has always been a struggle.

As we talk about tithing, several things almost always come up.

* They tithed out of habit, duty or obligation, rather than as a way to give thanks for what they had already received.

* They tithed to needy places (a form of charity), and then turned down the good that came to them because they viewed gifts from others as charity (and they didn’t want to be seen as needy).

* They tithed with an attitude of fearfulness, rather than an attitude of gratitude and joyfulness.

Let’s face it, we are all afraid of “not having enough” at some point in our lives. We worry that if we tithe, we might not have what we need when the time comes, right? Or so we think…

I’m excited to announce that the 10th Anniversary Edition of Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing (with a Foreword by Rev. Catherine Ponder of Unity Worldwide Ministries), is now available. This new edition contains a complete Study Guide, so you can easily create your own Book Study Group and develop a lasting awareness of the limitless good that exists in your life, every day.

Why I wrote Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing

I wrote this book to help people just like you create exactly what you want in your life.

And then something amazing happened. Rev. Catherine Ponder, author of 16  books on prosperity and abundance, agreed to write a Foreword to the book and her enthusiasm about the importance of this book was contagious.

And then, something even MORE exciting happened! Dr. Joe Vitale, star of The Secret and other movies and author of The Attractor Factor and other megabooks like “Zero Limits” heard about the book. And he touted it as even better than his own book!

What do these experts know that YOU don’t know?

Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing guides you step-by-step through the process of giving and receiving, so you can create a more abundant life. In this book, you’ll find:

  • 7 incredible ways to tithe (only 1 of which has anything to do with money!)
  • How and why tithing works
  • Misconceptions about tithing dispelled — for good!
  • How to build a foundation of trust when you start tithing
  • The quickest, easiest, fear-free strategy that will get you started tithing NOW!
  • The best ways to free up your trapped prosperity, easily and effortlessly
  • Smartest ways to become more open to receive – without guilt or shame!
  • Sample intentions to supercharge the good that comes to you
  • How to practice true forgiveness and move past old hurts to new joys
  • How to expand your view of prosperity – forever!

Are you ready to transform your life once and for all?

I’ve had thousands of people from more than 67 countries write me in the past 10 years telling me how their life (and more importantly, their level of contentment!) is significantly better after implementing the advice in this book.

If you’re burdened by debt, fear, or simply feel a sense of discontent with what’s going on in your life, get started RIGHT NOW getting back on track and remembering who you are.  Give yourself the gift of Giving Thanks.

Here’s to YOUR new more abundant future,

Paula Langguth Ryan

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